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BPM: 160
RELEASE DATE: 6/9/2023

BIO: Harlem Meals, also known by his stage name DJ Kill, is a prolific dance music producer hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago. With a career spanning 15 years, he has become a prominent figure in the local music scene, renowned for his infectious beats and unparalleled talent.

Born and raised in the Windy City, DJ Kill's journey into the world of music began at an early age. Growing up, he found himself drawn to the electrifying art of footworking, a dynamic dance style that originated in Chicago. It was through his involvement in the highly acclaimed dance group "Final Chapter" that he developed a deep appreciation for the power of rhythm and movement.

Inspired by the rich musical heritage of his hometown, DJ Kill soon found himself captivated by the production side of dance music. Influenced by renowned producers such as RP Boo, DJ Solo, DJ Rashad, DJ Chip, and DJ Thadz, he embarked on a quest to create his own sonic tapestries, infusing his unique style into the genre he held so dear.

DJ Kill's music is a reflection of his diverse musical influences and his deep understanding of the dance floor. His tracks are characterized by hard-hitting beats, infectious melodies, and an unmistakable energy that instantly captivates listeners. With each release, he aims to transport his audience to a world where music transcends boundaries and brings people together.

Throughout his career, DJ Kill has garnered widespread acclaim for his contributions to the dance music community. His productions have garnered support from fellow artists, DJs, and dancers alike, earning him a dedicated following both in Chicago and beyond. He has performed at renowned venues and festivals, electrifying crowds with his exhilarating DJ sets that effortlessly blend genres and push sonic boundaries.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, DJ Kill is also deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of talent. He actively mentors aspiring producers, imparting his knowledge and experience to help them carve their own paths in the music industry. Through his guidance and encouragement, he aims to ensure that the vibrant dance music culture of Chicago continues to thrive for years to come.

As DJ Kill continues to evolve and push the boundaries of dance music, his unwavering passion for his craft remains the driving force behind his artistic journey. With his infectious beats, unparalleled creativity, and unwavering dedication, he is set to make an indelible mark on the global dance music landscape, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations to embrace.

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